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These wiki-based subject guides have been created by KDL librarians and include a variety of resources pertaining to a number of topics. From library books and materials, to online and community resources, we've compiled the most useful and accurate information for you. Subjects are updated and added regularly, so check back often!

Subject Guides

Adoption Resources Genealogy & Local History
Antiques & Collectibles Law
Automotive & Small Engine Repair Living Green in West Michigan
Black History Month Local Music
Business Local Recreation
College Resources Michigan Genre Project
Computer Basics Senior Living
Crazy for Books Spectator Sports
Election & Voting Resources West Michigan Authors & Illustrators
Employment & Career 

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a software interface that allows for the rapid and collaborative creation of web pages (in this case, subject guides). The word "wiki" is based on the Hawaiian term "wiki wiki", which means "quick" or "super-fast". For more information check out this page

Why a Wiki?

We use this wiki format for the creation of these subject guides because it allows our librarians the opportunity to easily collaborate and create subject guides that are authoritative and up-to-date. At this point, the general public does not have the ability to add content.

How Do I Make a Subject Recommendation?

At this point, only authorized personnel have the ability to add/edit wiki content. But, if you have a great idea for a subject guide, please let a branch staff member know, or email the KDL webmaster at webmaster@kdl.org.

KDL reserves the right to modify all wiki subject-guide content.

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