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Computer Basics Resource Guide

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These computer resources are intended for the novice computer user and include library materials, as well as online and local resource information. If you're having trouble locating the information you need, please contact one of our eighteen KDL branch locations.

Popular Books:

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Useful Websites:

Mousing Around
Learn how to use mouse with these interactive tutorials.

Anniston-Calhoun Public Library Computer Tutorials
A variety of computer tutorials

In Pictures
Visual tuturials covering popular programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Community Resources:

KDL Computer Classes and Instruction
Free basic computer classes taught by our knowledgable staff.

Grand Rapids Women's Resource Center
Check upcoming calendar for free Basic Computer Class availability.

Grand Rapids Community Media Center
Check upcoming calendar for low-cost Basic Computer Class availability.

KDL Computer Tip Sheets:

How to Cut, Copy and Paste
Explains how to cut or copy a word or a group of words from your document and paste words into a new area of your document, a different document or a different Microsoft Office program.

How to Attach Files in:
Explains how to add attachment(s) (document, picture, spreadsheet, etc.) to your email message in order to send it to another person.

Making an Exact Copy of a Data or Audio Disc using Sonic RecordNow!
In a few easy steps you can make an exact copy of music or data from one disc and save (burn) it to another blank disc.

How to Burn Data or Music to a Disc using Sonic RecordNow
Use the Sonic RecordNow! program to burn data or music files to a computer disc (CD-R or CD-RW disc).

How to Print a Webpage without the Header and Footer
Print a webpage without the extra information (date, time, website address, etc.) showing at the top or bottom of the page.

How to Copy and Paste a Weblink or Address
Copy and paste a website or webpage address into a document or email message.

Accessing KDLís Magazine and Newspaper Holdings
A list of the full magazine and newspaper holdings of all KDL branches is readily available on the website. To find the lists, follow these steps.

Connecting to the KDL Wireless Network
Information to assist you in logging onto the wireless network at any of our 18 branches.

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